00. Summary

The King’s Man


  • Young Obadiah and Ahab bloody each other’s noses and race on horseback. A fishmonger puzzles Obadiah with a warning to “wake up.”

  • King Omri arranges 8th alliance wife for Ahab and put’s Obadiah in charge of the olive oil

  • business.

  • The king sends Obadiah to buy Shemer’s Hill. Random people warn him to “wake up.”

  • King Omri dies, and Ahab becomes king.

  • Syrian scouts kill Obadiah’s father. He grieves he was not there to protect his father. Yet, his mother encourages him to stay with the king. “Ahab needs you.”

  • King Ahab forms an alliance with Sidon and takes Jezebel as queen. She arrives with 400 Asherah priests.

  • Yedidah, Obadiah’s wife, tells him the Asherah priests are killing “bubblers,” who speak for the Lord. Strangers give him more “wake up” notices. But he only resolves to protect his family. He rejects the idea of protecting bubblers.

  • When Obadiah comes on a chain of young slaves being delivered to an Asherah temple, he manipulates King Ahab into witnessing the horror, yet the king is unmoved.

  • Obadiah visits Jericho with Yedidah, his wife. Hiel confesses how his greed led him to ignore Joshua’s curse and brought the death of his first born son.

  • Hiel says not to hide bubblers in the cave of Gilgal.

  • Slavers kill Liev, the son of Obadiah’s good friend Gera.

  • “Wake up” notices continue during mourning, and old Jamin lists caves, and Obadiah resolves to wake up and hide bubblers.

  • Yedidah’s sister in Megiddo helps them buy food for bubblers they hide in the Misliya cave.

  • Elijah returns from exile, the Lord sends fire on Mt. Carmel, Elijah kills 400 Moloch prophets, and the rains return.

  • Syria invades. Mikayhu, a young bubbler, tells Ahab the Lord will save Israel from the invasion.

  • Ahab attacks the gathering Syrian. They’re drunk. Israel wins.

  • Ahab should kill the Syrian king, but he makes a deal instead.

  • Mikayhu tells him the Lord is angry at his deal “Therefore it is your life for his life.”

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