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  • When is your next book coming out?

If the Lord wills and I live, in the fall of 2022.

The King’s Right-hand Man

Best buds, Obadiah and Ahab grow up across the village path from each other. When Ahab becomes king, his queen—Jezebel—kills the prophets, but Obadiah hides them in caves. Can Obadiah and Ahab still be friends?

  • Progress:  

June 4 – All 49 chapters in solid second draft.

June 7 – 3rd drafts on Chapters 46 & 47. 

June 9 – Tidied up Chapter 48 and attacking Chapter 49. 

June 12 – Heavy duty critiques with important suggestions on Ch. 39-40  (The Death of Ahab – 1 Kings 22:1-39). 3rd draft went better than I thought. Thank You, Lord.)

Starting 3rd drafts:

June 13 – Chapters 1-6. (In childhood, Obadiah and Ahab bloody each other’s noses. As young men, they race on horseback. Ahab’s father arranges 8th wife for Ahab and put’s Obadiah in charge of the olive oil business.

June 16 – Chapters 7-9. Obadiah hauls silver to buy Shemer’s Hill for the king. Ahab shows up, curious about the new capital.

June 21 – Ch. 10. King Omri dies. Ahab is king.

June 24 – Ch. 11. A collapsing messenger whispers to Obadiah. “Your father, sir … Syrians.” Obadiah  races home.

  June 24

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