Editor- hire?

Hire or not hire an editor?

  • From Jack Cunningham – https://tishamartin.com/?s=Martin – She charges a lot. I had to pay her $833 in three installments.
  • From Susan Count – https://brilliantcutediting.blogspot.com/p/main-page.html
  • Another site you can go to for editors is upwork.com
  • the 2022 Christian Writers Market Guide is coming out soon and is available on Amazon, or a bookstore could order it for you. It will have a list by state of Christian editors
  • https://writershelpingwriters.net/2021/01/perfect-to-me-how-self-editing-can-take-your-novel-to-the-next-stage/
  • Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Developmental Editor


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