Bubblers gather to Obadiah via [Spread these out over chapters] Farmer in market asks Yedidah if Obadiah can help her cousin in Timbuktu Gera, Hodiah, & Keren Zak Jamin – Elders from several tribes send bubblers to Obadiah. “Jamin sent me.” Keslote, Obadiah’s mother & brother tell him of man in Shunem. In Market to … Read more

Obadiah’s book cover.

Rough Draft: So, if the title is Hide These from the Queen, and the subtitle is How Obadiah Rescued 100 Prophets, a cover might look like this? How Obadiah rescued 100 prophets H i d e   T h e s e from  T h e   Q u e e n  Blurb Which picture illustrates the title? … Read more