To the pastors during my boyhood in Spring Arbor, Michigan. Rev. Leon Voorheis (Looking for his picture) Rev. James Hudson Taylor II Rev. Verdon Dunckel (Looking for his picture) Like many Free Methodist pulpiteers, they walked us around in the sandals of Moses and Elijah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel while showing how to imagine emotions and … Read more


(From The Boy Who Closed the Sky: A Novel of Elijah the Prophet) by Dr. DeWayne Coxon President Emeritus, Blossoming Rose I have loved the stories of Elijah’s saga, but never before had I imagined the intimate sacred dimensions. Here is fiction which follows the Biblical narrative of Hebrew history. Prayers and miracles, faith and doubt, … Read more


(From The Boy Who Closed the Sky: A Novel of Elijah the Prophet) 866 BC* After Solomon built the temple in Jerusalem, Jeroboam split the kingdom north from south. Two centuries later, Asa reigned over Judah and Omri over Israel. In Tishbe of Gilead, a boy named Elijah tended vines. Background King Asa – 1 … Read more

Chapter 1. Wind and Fire

(from The Boy Who Closed the Sky: A Novel of Elijah the Prophet) 866 BC The King’s Highway, Gilead A shrill scream shot through the trees. Elijah recoiled. The wineskin slipped from his fingers, bounced off Nathan’s knees, and burst. A robin fluttered up from the forest floor. As purple wine puddled in the leaves, … Read more


(From The Boy Who Closed the Sky: A Novel of Elijah the Prophet) This novice writer owes so much to so many. My wife, Vickie, paused whenever she heard, “I need you to listen to this paragraph.” My archaeologist cousin, Stephen Abbott, researched everything from iron age headscarves and cooking utensils to chariots and hoof boots. … Read more

Elijah at Biblical Tamar Park

(This excerpt from The Boy Who Closed the Sky: A Novel of Elijah the Prophet Chapter 41. Oboth, shows Elijah visiting the future Biblical Tamar Park) A cut-in-crystal Milky Way rose against the ultra dark of the desert night. “The sun goes down, and the sky is ours.” In the morning, Elijah followed the path to … Read more

Audio Version?

Can we do an audio version? Tim Robinson first suggested audio. Then Dorian Currier. I asked Uncle Larry if he would be the voice. Maybe he’ll want to include the voices of others in some scenes? What about a female narrator? I found this: and this: Yes, You Can Record Your Own Audiobook. Here’s … Read more

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If you live in the US, Click here, on Amazon’s link to the Elijah novel. Check the “Gift” box and put “Signed copy for Your Name.” Send the book to me, Dave Parks, 8845 Shannon’s Mill Rd., Foley, AL 36535. Send me your name, address, and $4.44. I’ll sign it and send it to you. … Read more

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I’m in awe of the score on Amazon. Most of the 5-star reviews are from friends and relatives. Well done! Yet three are from strangers. If you can honestly give the book 5 stars, please write a few exciting words and post them here on Amazon. If you bought the book, it should show Verified … Read more

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