Where is Kasran?

“Them Kasran slavers don’t talk much, boy.” “You’re not in Kasran anymore, Red.” Modern Kasran is a town of 10,000 in northwestern Iran. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syed_Kasran https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kasran But with red-haired thick inhabitants? Wiki doesn’t say.

Who leads a camel?

Merchant? Salesman? Boss? Herder? Caravaner? I guessed “leader.” “Wrong!” “The correct answer is…puller.” Not my choice, but they didn’t ask me. In caravans, each puller led a file of 12-18 camels by a rope attached to his first camel in line by a peg in its nose. From the back of the gear on each … Read more

How old was Elijah?

I thought he was old.

Really old.

Then I noticed his schedule covered the lifetimes of three kings. The Lord gave him messages for each king, and their reigns covered most of Elijah’s lifetime.

  • King Ahab,  22 years – “neither dew nor rain”
  • King Ahaziah,  2 years – “die in your bed”
  • King Joram,  12 years – “bowels will drop out”

Total reigns = 36 years

In 866 BC, most people died before their fiftieth birthday.

King David was once a boy picking up five smooth stones for his sling.

Maybe Elijah needed an early start.

So, in chapter one, I made him an early teen with smooth cheeks.

The True Inspiration?

(This post first appeared on the blog of my friend, Kathy McKinsey.) Birdie—my one remaining sibling—phoned. She had read to page eight of The Boy Who Closed the Sky, A Novel of Elijah the Prophet. “I’m disappointed my baby brother didn’t give credit to our mother. Sunday afternoons she read Egermeier’s Bible stories to us … Read more


When you find typos in The Boy Who Closed the Sky think, “Second Edition,” and please send me the page number and the exact wording of the line. If I make a second edition of I would like to… put a map near the front correct typos clarify murky spots tighten loose paragraphs Via email … Read more