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In April I would like to start a monthly blog of posts like this, what I think of as Conundrums, Mysteries, and Bunny Trails from Elijah and Friends. how-to-pick-the-right-email-platform convert kit mailer lite helpful

Where is Kasran?

“Them Kasran slavers don’t talk much, boy.” “You’re not in Kasran anymore, Red.” Modern Kasran is a town of 10,000 in northwestern Iran. But with red-haired thick inhabitants? Wiki doesn’t say.

Who leads a camel?

Merchant? Salesman? Boss? Herder? Caravaner? I guessed “leader.” “Wrong!” “The correct answer is…puller.” Not my choice, but they didn’t ask me. In caravans, each puller led a file of 12-18 camels by a rope attached to his first camel in line by a peg in its nose. From the back of the gear on each … Read more

How old was Elijah?

I thought he was old.

Really old.

Then I noticed his schedule covered the lifetimes of three kings. The Lord gave him messages for each king, and their reigns covered most of Elijah’s lifetime.

  • King Ahab,  22 years – “neither dew nor rain”
  • King Ahaziah,  2 years – “die in your bed”
  • King Joram,  12 years – “bowels will drop out”

Total reigns = 36 years

In 866 BC, most people died before their fiftieth birthday.

King David was once a boy picking up five smooth stones for his sling.

Maybe Elijah needed an early start.

So, in chapter one, I made him an early teen with smooth cheeks.

(He actually needs more years than this. To develop a friendship with Ahab, he was around during Omri’s reign of 12? years plus while Omri was Commander before this. How many year?)

The king’s right-hand man

1 Kings 18:3 — Obadiah was “over the house” עַל־הַבָּ֑יִת of Ahab. Genesis 39:4 — Joseph in Egypt held the same title. He was “over the house” עַל־בֵּית֔וֹ of pharaoh.