38. Escape

38. Escape 849 BC En Gannim, Jezreel Valley, Israel Obadiah pushed Yedidah into the dark of Shiphrah’s one doorway. “Stay back.” He touched the dagger at his side. The only light came from a tiny slice of moon. They should have pulled the ladder up onto the veranda. Obadiah snorted. As if Jehu’s men needed … Read more

25. Threat

25. Ben Hadad Threatens 859 BC The Palace Terrace, Samaria City, Israel Obadiah watched with Ahab as the stars over the eastern mountains faded. The rapid twitter of robins filled the plaza. Smoke from a thousand campfires mixed with the murmur of troops and drifted over the palace terrace. Silhouettes of men on horseback appeared … Read more

31. Ramoth

31. The Battle at Ramoth 857 BC Ramoth, Gilead, Israel Obadiah rode between the two kings, Ahab and Jehoshaphat, following the Jabbok River Valley toward Ramoth. The tread of infantry shook the earth ahead of them, while chariot horses and mounted archers clop-clopped behind them. Ahab tapped his shoulder. He wore armor the same cut … Read more

30. Clowns

30. Bring in the Clowns 857 BC Threshing Floor, Samaria City, Israel Obadiah followed the aroma of roasting beef and mutton in through the city gate. On the threshing floor, he turned from the harps and lyres and threaded through a happy, gossiping crowd. He sat with his bodyguards, with his back to the flails … Read more