00. Prologue

00. Prologue 889 BC* After Solomon built the temple in Jerusalem, Jeroboam split the kingdom north from south. Decades later, Asa reigned over Judah and Baasha over Israel. Omri, commander of the army, laid siege to Gibbethon in Philistia. Two eight-year-old boys, Obadiah and Omri’s son, Ahab, came to cheer the troops. Background Asa, Baasha, … Read more

01. Wrath

890 BC [Further?i] Israel Army Field Headquarters, Gibbethon, Philistia Obadiah shot up the street giggling, “You’ll never catch me.” With Ahab on his tail, he reached the gate to headquarters. Yet, instead of pushing through, he cringed under the steel stare of a man who’d been calling, “Fish. Fresh fish.” [familiar?ii] Ahab slammed into Obadiah. … Read more

0. Chapter Summaries

The Secret of the Caves: A Novel of Obadiah and the King 1. Wrath: Eight-year-old Obadiah and Ahab bloody each other’s noses. 2. Race: Twelve years later, a Syrian arrow cuts short their horse race. 3. Accounts: King Omri puts Obadiah in control of royal accounts and olive oil production. 4. Basics: While Obadiah hires … Read more