03 Outta Here – Draft #1

[This draft drew many comments. I inserted some. The next draft shows their effect.] 03 Outta Here Fort Jezreel, Jezreel Valley, Israel 877 BC Obadiah spanked the prince’s horse on the rump. “Outta here!” [Obadiah spanked (smacked, maybe?) the prince’s (I would use prince’s name here since we are on a new chapter)horse on the … Read more

02. No Guards. No Race. – Draft #1 with suggestions

877 BC Fort Jezreel, Jezreel Valley, Israel [Start here?i] Twelve years after giving Ahab a bloody nose, Obadiah turned his horse on the planks bridging the moat. “Where’s our squad, my prince? Since your father became king, he drills his gaze through to the back of my skull and commands, ‘Keep my son safe.’” Ahab … Read more

Becca has an interesting idea:

“I like the comparison of the race in the first chapter with this one. These races tell us a lot about the relationship between Obadiah and Ahab. I wonder if they might have other significance too as the story continues.” How would you think their races might “have other significance as the story continues?” Dave

Obadiah’s book cover.

Rough Draft: So, if the title is Hide These from the Queen, and the subtitle is How Obadiah Rescued 100 Prophets, a cover might look like this? How Obadiah rescued 100 prophets H i d e   T h e s e from  T h e   Q u e e n  Blurb Which picture illustrates the title? … Read more