The King’s Right-hand Man


Mt. Tabor – Obadiah’s Back Yard

“While Jezebel was killing the Lord’s bubblers, Obadiah hid fifty in one cave and fifty in another.” 1 Kings 18:4

The king’s right-hand man runs the royal business and rides royal chariots with six bodyguards.

He’s a life-long friend of the king, yet he risks his life to rescue fugitives from the queen.

How long can he survive? 

November, 2021 – 44 chapters drafted. 7 in good shape. 5 more in fair shape.
Would you like to be a beta reader? I really like how Lynn Tagawa puts it: What's a beta reader? A beta reader gets the story before the proofreader, before the final edits. He or she reads each chapter and make a few remarks on ...
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