Birdie – a Soddie

To answer what a soddie is, yes, it’s made of squares/oblongs of sod cut out of the earth, and has grass growing out of the sod on the roof. Don’t know all the dynamics of its construction, but do remember that even though the dirt side of their ceiling had been whitewashed, occasional a grubworm … Read more

Birdie about Delphine

Blessings and hugs to all my friends. ` In the process of moving, I discovered the funeral bulletin of DELPHINE MARIE COXON PARKS, who was married to my baby brother, Davy, for around 40 years. (I was 8 years old when DAVID WARNER PARKS was born so he was destined to always and forever be … Read more

Noah Endermann

Delphine ` Laugh… Mirth in your voice And I will always rejoice In the love that you lived In who you were every day And I will love you til we meet again ` Smile… Sparkle in your eyes Never caught me surprised But amazed at your sweetness Your goodness and charm And I will … Read more